(This Wedding Policy and Information is currently under Revision .... 2018)

Neepawa United Church

Wedding Policy & Information for Couples


Congratulations to you on your decision to be married. We hope that this information will enable you to make the best use of your time in preparation for the day. This policy is designed to provide information about the spaces and services we provide, as well as providing information about any costs that you will need to consider in your planning.


1. Use of the Church Facility:

Sanctuary:  Within the Christian Church, we understand weddings to be worship. The service is designed to celebrate the love and grace of God, which has brought you to this place of love and commitment to each other.  It is most appropriate for such a service to take place in the Sanctuary of the Church, where we meet for worship from week to week. Because it is a place of worship, we would ask that the space be respected, and the furnishings not be moved, except by our staff. lf you are using candles in your service, please ensure that they are of the drip less variety.


Caretaking Notes:  The caretaking staff need to be in the building for the rehearsal and the wedding, in order to perform their various duties. We would appreciate it if confetti, bubbles and the like would remain outside the building. The caretaker is available up to an hour prior to the rehearsal or service and up to an hour following the service. lf there is decorating to be done, that can happen at the rehearsal.


2. Use of the Organ:

We are fortunate to have available to us a number of talented organists. lf you would like to have organ music be part of your service, we will provide an organist to play for your wedding. They maintain a repertoire of music appropriate for any wedding. lf you desire another piece outside that repertoire, please supply the music to the organist at least one month in advance of the wedding. An extra fee of $50.00 will be assessed for accompanying each special item. Because we want to respect composer copyright, photocopies are not acceptable.


3. Other Instruments and Music:

We also have an excellent piano available for use in the Sanctuary and a very effective sound system which can handle CDs and provide microphones for vocalists, if desired. The Church can provide a sound technician should this system be necessary for your wedding.


4. Ministers Presiding:

Neepawa United Church is currently served by ministry staff. lf you wish to be married by another minister or cleric of any other denomination, this must be considered by both our current ministry staff and the Board. Please contact the Church office with this request at least two months in advance.


7. Cost and Fees for Weddings:

Sanctuary only: (includes organist,caretaker,sound technician, minister) . $500
Sanctuary, CEC with NO UCW catering: (includes $100 hall & $30 caretaker) .. $630
Sanctuary,CEC (being catered by someone else): includes $100 hall, $30 caretaker, $50 use of kitchen   .. $680


Please bring your donation in along with your wedding license at least two weeks prior to the service, so that the Secretary has the information required for the marriage registry.


We hope this information is useful and will answer many of the questions you have about your wedding. We extend our best wishes to you and pray that God will bless you with a happy and fulfilling life together.


Yours in Christ's name,


The Neepawa United Church Congregation and Board