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                                         Sunday School
    Neepawa United Church provides a Sunday School program that offers a warm, supportive and fun environment in which young people can learn about and grow in their faith.  Any children are welcome to attend!
Sunday School Teachers
   Thank you to the following who have great ideas and donate their time and energy to teach the young people in Sunday School: Sandra Wiebe, Jacqui Acree and Allison Bailey.

Goal of Sunday School
 Through learning stories of the bible we teach the children that God loves, teaches and supports them. 
   - children aged 4 to Grade 7 with the different activities varying for all ages.
  The themes being followed this year are "Kids Can Celebrate", beginning with a study of the Psalms.
  Readings, coloring sheets, puzzles, arts and crafts are usually all involved.
The structure of lessons is:  Lord's Prayer, offering, birthdays if there are any, then our lesson which involves a bible story with discussion related to our theme, and then we do a craft. If the craft is too hard for some children, there are coloring sheets for them to do. 

Special Activities
  We do 2 special activities each year.  Our Sunday School leads the church service on one of the Sundays (usually White Gift Sunday) at Christmas time.  Usually this program involves Christmas singing as well as some type of Christmas play. 
Our other special activity is Children's Day which ends our year.  We once again lead the church service. This involves more singing and some type of play based on the Sunday School theme that year.  During Children's Day the children also get their certificates and any students that are in their final year of Sunday School are presented with a bible from the Sunday School.


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